Birthday Eve

Tommorrow I’ll be 21… I’m pretty sure still that I don’t really care, but a lot of other people seem to. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool that it’s my birthday because I get free stuff, but other than that I don’t feel much excitement about it. Tina got me a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a gift certificate to the Claddaugh, that was cool. Tiana gave me a gift certificate to Lowes… who doesn’t need a gift certificate to Lowes? I mean, honestly. And Michelle got me a deck of cards and made some sort of crazy awesome brownie thingers. Very awesome so far. I’m going to Max and Erma’s tomorrow with Tara’s folks for some birthday food. I’m thinking tortilla soup, it’s really very tasty there.

Work is going alright, there’s some weird stuff happening though. There are a lot of people’s computers that are acting funny, they won’t recognize the domain or get onto the internet, but they are being given IP addresses by the server and they can access http stuff locally. Always something new around here. I’m putting together a survey right now that should help me get things started with this technology plan thing. This is the first of four surveys: teacher, staff, student and parent.

The house stuff seems to be going pretty good. I have to contact Will at Providence Mortgage and get our approval lettter again, since the first house fell through and the second one is similar in cost. I’m excited about getting into the new place… too bad we have to wait like a month. Moving in the winter should be interesting though. I guess I’ll give Will a call.