So, my mom called this morning and said something to the effect of “Michelle and Don are engaged.” All I could think was, “Why haven’t I met this guy?” So this morning they came over and I took some pictures of them because there weren’t really any pictures of them yet. He seems like a pretty cool guy, I know that if Michelle has chosen to marry him he must be a good guy. But I still have that protective brother thing going and I’m not sure yet how I feel about the whole thing.

It’s Tuesday… man, I really like Tuesdays It’s cool to just be able to hang out with everybody and talk about whatever. I’m really impressed that tuesdayNight has continued as long as it has. We’ve been dining out on Tuesday night for almost two years. It’s a good thing.

Something else everyone should know: The Garden State Soundtrack is downright good. You should buy it or download it or whatever, you’ll be happy you did. And if you don’t like it… you can give it to me.