You are .gif

I am .gif, I guess I knew it all along. It’s funny how a ten question quiz really captures your soul and gives you a neat little packaged answer like that. So accurate.

So, papers have been signed, as far as I know our bid on the house is accepted and things are moving along…. It would be awesome if we could close on the place the first Friday of December. I was talking to Duke yesterday about rates and whatnot and he said that Countrywide could probably afford to give us a 4.35% rate instead of the 4.75% they are offering. Not a big deal since we’re only planning on being there for a short while anyway, but still, pretty cool.

Work is pretty much exactly the same, lots to do and not enough time to do it in. That’s not entirely true, there is enough time, I’m just not getting paid to be there for the amount of time that would be necessary for me to get everything done. I heard there’s an opening at Okemos HS for a Network Administrator… maybe I’ll apply.