We closed on the house a week ago. Since that time Andy has pretty much replaced all the pipes in the basement and we’ve put up new light fixtures down there. Tara has been cleaning walls and the oven and the kitchen and all kinds of stuff, she even took the HUD locks off the entry doors.

Pops and I have been working on getting a garage door opener in, this task seemed like a reasonable one until we realized we have to re-build the third truss so that the opener will fit. So we got a couple 18 foot 2×6’s and cut them yesterday, we’ve only got a little left to do and then hopefully the thing will be up and running.

Friday the electricity was turned on and they were going to turn on the water except I guess we didn’t have an inside meter or yoke [insert confusion here] so they had to come back with the necessary stuff. Yesterday around 1 the BoWaL guy came and installed the new meter (free of charge.) A Consumers Energy lady came about an hour later and turned on the gas, but said that there was something wrong with the furnace [insert frustration here]. So, we had Mike over (who installs furnaces) and he got us moving in the right direction, half an hour later we had sweet, sweet heat. Our next step is getting the water turned on, (they wouldn’t do it without heat, since the pipes could have frozen) we should be able to set that up today.

Monday I gave my two weeks notice at LCS. It went surprisingly well, and it looks like I’ll be able to stay on as an independant contractor (which means less hours and only slightly less money.) I’ve got some other clients that I’m doing work with, so overall, things are very good.