Busy, busy

Wow, almost two months have passed. I guess when you switch jobs, start a company, buy a house and move you lose track of the important things like blogging.

As of January first I was incorperated as TrueVektor, INC. but I haven’t done anything through the name yet because I haven’t set up the bank account. I’ve been keeping relatively busy though, so far this week I’ve put in about 5 hours and it’s only Tuesday. I know, I know that sounds horrible but it really is pretty decent.

Today I’ve got a couple things on my plate, but hopefully I’ll have some time to just hang out with Tara. We watched Chronicles of Riddick last night… it was a weird movie, but I think it was good, at least, for being a sequel.

So, yeah, there you have it, a freshly shorn blog.