Making dinner right now. I was looking at some video this morning that we shot when we first got the video camera, I really want to make something out of it. There’s something really weird about watching video of yourself that you can barely remember. I like it.

Yesterday I saw a cop on the side of the road watching for speeders, “not an uncommon sight,” you say. “Wrong!” I say. He was in a marked Corvette, like with police decals and everything. I only saw him for a second because I passed 5 feet away from him at 75mph, but it was amazing. I wish all cops had sweet cars like that, I think I would respect them more.

I’m feeling the urge again to redesign the site. I’ve been thinking about stage stuff for riverview and I’m not sure I’ll get to excersize this particular design there so I’m going to do it online. Just you wait.