At Riverview

Sitting in the booth at riverview right now, listening to Dan Price give a message about diaper rash. It’s a rare treat, he only speaks like once or twice a year. The paradox this week is basically that God is good but bad things still happen. So… diaper rash still happens, and people get decapitated in Iraq, despite God’s nature. Tara is interpreting for Leslie too, which is more important to me than the fact that Dan is speaking, because a few weeks ago she had a pretty bad experience interpreting at Riverview and now she’s back at it. I’m just impressed and proud of her fortitude.

We’re going to see Star Wars III tonight at 10. I’ve heard it’s a lot better than the ‘first’ two. I’m sure it is, because nobody could mess up their movies [so horribly] twice and not hear about how bad they are from people who care about their welfare. I could understand not believing them the first time, but after the second movie sucking, somebody had to speak up. Apparently he collaborated with Steven Spielberg to work on this third one.

Also, doesn’t George Lucas kind of look like an Ewok? Maybe it’s that the Ewoks look like Lucas.