Trap Doors

Star Wars III was indeed good. I now look forward to watching the old ones again, knowing their background.

I stopped at Meijer on my way home. As I was walking into the store I saw a fellow standing inches away from one of the doors looking very confused and possibly fearful that he had in fact been trapped inside the store by a mysterious unknown force. Fortunately he was able to escape by…

Actually, I should also tell you what I saw as I was leaving. A lovely young couple, caught in a similar predicament, looking around, perhaps in embarrassment because they too had fallen into the trap. But be assured, they were eventually able to disentangle themselves from this terrible plight.

The answer to this riddle is that people aren’t too bright. There are two exit doors, one opens automatically and the other is one of the ‘old-fashioned,’ manual, brute force, push-to-open types. I would advise anyone brave enough to enter any given store to be wary of these dangerous obstacles, they are bloodthirsty villains. Also, should you be caught, pretend that the door just plain doesn’t work at all or is locked and go to another door, that way you don’t appear to be illiterate, as the people I saw earlier apparently were.