Busy Week and Below the Water Line

Here’s the new Riverview set. I like it a lot, the way the posts on the left look turned out good, but not quite the way I planned it. Overall I’m happy with it. D/S Events loaned us a couple water effect lights.

The New Riverview Set

Spent a couple days in downtown Indy this week. It was totally different from my usual Indianapolis experiences. Downtown is really beautiful. The “heavenly” mattresses at the Westin really are amazingly comfortable. They had double shower-head showers too, which was awesome. I’m trying to get pictures of the actual event, it was a ridiculously huge setup.

When I got home Tara had cleaned everything up, like, way way up. The whole house was clean except my office, which was perfect because I hate not being able to find stuff in there. She’s so great. She even mowed the lawn while I was gone! If you see her ask her for a list of all the stuff she did because I can’t even explain all of it.