It’s HOT

So, I woke up this morning and turned on my computer. It froze at the “windows is starting…” screen, ironically enough. So, I ran a repair on my windows installation. That didn’t help. So, I tried installing windows on another drive in my computer, and that didn’t even begin to work. So, I did a complete reinstall on the original drive. That worked.

I came to find out that the second drive was the one causing all the problems in the first place and if I had just pulled that to begin with everything would have been fine. So, now I have to reinstall all my software because I’m working with a fresh version of windows. The moral of this story is that when something crazy starts happening on my computer; I need to check all the hardware before I go doing some crazy stuff to my machine.

This post’s title is not entirely meaningless though. It’s probably about 95 degrees in my office right now and only a bit cooler in the rest of the house. You don’t want to know how hot it is in the attic.

Now I gotta go find all that stinking software…