Father’s day has been a complete success!

Ok, I’m not really sure how it’s possible to judge whether you’ve had a successful day or even what the goals were that have been met, but I did hang out with a lot of great people and eat some really tasty food.

My aunt Nan was in town today, her and Larry stop in about twice a year and have lunch or just hang out and show us pictures from around the country. She’s taken some really cool close-ups of flowers lately.

It’s always good to be around my family, and it’s always really funny to hang out with my in-laws. Nothing negative, of course, they’re just funny (this is coming out as sounding like funny-strange, but I just mean funny-humorous.)

At any rate, I’m meeting with Ron (Operations Manager at LCS) Monday to see what we can figure out (basically if I’m going to be accepted or not based on my requested compensation.) I’m not nervous really, I just don’t know quite how to ask for what I need. I’m going to ask for compensation just under what they’ve approved I think. I really want to still be able to volunteer at riverview for set changes and whatnot, so I have to figure that in.

So much to think about.