I worked a show at Crystal Mountain Resort yesterday. Left Tuesday and got back today, just chatted with Andy about it…

Nate: how’re things goin?
MoeStvnsn: not bad just worken
MoeStvnsn: and from what I hear your doing the same
Nate: yeah, I worked from 8am yesterday to 4am this morning
Nate: with breaks for lunch and dinner
MoeStvnsn: that’ll be a nice paycheck
Nate: then left at 9:30 after a bit of sleep to come back down here
Nate: it was a long day indeed
Nate: The setup for this show was insane. Just lots of little details we had to deal with. The ‘in’ prolly took about 9 hours
Nate: then the show was another 3

MoeStvnsn: nice
Nate: and the ‘out’ was 4 or so
Nate: but it was fun

MoeStvnsn: I bet
Nate: anyway, I’m headed to Saugatuck in the morning
Nate: I’ll be back in Lansing tomorrow night and then I’m going to two weddings Saturday and staying in Dearborn Saturday Night. Then Tuesday I leave for Myrtle Beach for the High School Leadership Training Conference thing.

MoeStvnsn: alright well have fun with that