I am sitting at Myrtle Beach Community Church right now, listening to Tom Short speak about evangelism. I’m going to take a couple pictures when I figure out where I put my camera. If you haven’t been to MBCC before I should tell you that it is a proper theater. It was built for a country music singer who later sold it to a developer who happened to be part of MBCC’s congregation and was able to help them purchase the building.

The “Nathan Klan Original” set that Noel was talking about on his site is basically 14 black cubes of random size up to 3 feet setup randomly about the stage. We also made a cut-out of the HSLT:2005 logo that is backlit and is just under the projector (20ft by 15ft.)

For color lighting we’ve got two electrics (rows of lights above the stage) and a lit backdrop. There are 8 reflective intelligent lights and a load of other conventional lights to do wall coloring and general stage wash. I’m running a Grand MA ultra-light lighting console, which is kind of funny because that’s what DS Events uses. It’s a really sweet board.

So, anyway, Myrtle Beach is as great as always and it’s great to be here, but I miss my Tara. I can’t wait to see her on Tuesday.