Inspiron 700m

If at all possible I want the 700m to be my next laptop (when I replace the two I have right now.)

Dell Inspiron 700m
Geek stuff:
4 lbs
1.6Ghz Pentium M 725
40gb hard drive
512mb RAM
a/b/g wireless
12inch widescreen display
Connectors: S-video, VGA, 2 USB, PCMCIA, secure digital, network, modem, firewire
$1390 w/ 1 year warranty

I’m working on one today and it is really an outstanding machine. Just waiting for the drive to finish formatting now… (it’s silly to accept that what a manufacturer thinks you should have is what you should have.) Know that the version of Windows that a manufacturer puts on your machine is slightly defferent (based on their unique specs) than what the generally retailed version is.

That is all.