St. Lawrence

I just got back from the hospital.


While working on the Riverview set for next week with KT, I ran a nail through my thumb. They’re only 15 guage finishing nails, so it’s not like there was a giant wound or anything, but there was some blood.

After laughing for like 15 minutes and then doing some more work KT and I decided we should tell Tara [ok, she decided we should, I wanted to finish our project. But I went anyway.] After waiting at the hospital for an hour and some change, I got to see a nurse, then a doctor, then another nurse, then the X-Ray tech, then the doctor again, then another nurse who gave me a shot and another nurse who put a splint on my thumb.

It’s not broken. The nail went through my thumb right proper, but somehow went between the two bones. Overall, it was a good experience, and I’m glad I got to go, but I wish they’d shown me the x-ray, I really wanted to see the bones in my hand.

I only get to leave the splint on for a couple days.