Cutting the Septic

On a list of things that are a bad idea, I think cutting someone’s septic line would be right up there.

MoeStvnsn: I’ve been ignoring all calls tonight so I can get stuff done
MoeStvnsn: I ended up terminating the company that hit the septic tank today
Nate: you killed them?
MoeStvnsn: yeah
Nate: wow
Nate: that seems awfully severe
MoeStvnsn: I haven’t been as irritated in a long time as I was today
Nate: you sounded pretty peeved
MoeStvnsn: I leave for 2 hours to tend to other projects and this thing happens
Nate: seems like they’d be more careful
Nate: what company was it?
MoeStvnsn: I was already irritated with them becuase they contacted me a day before wanted to cut the water line
MoeStvnsn: underground specialties
MoeStvnsn: I told them I needed a couple weeks in advance
MoeStvnsn: anyway I gotta get back to work
Nate: alright
Nate: have a good night

That just sucks.