Windows 2000 Server

When changing the admin password on a Windows 2000 Server (which I’m sure you’ve all done) make sure that you have another account with admin rights that can login on the servers in your domain. Once your password is changed and you’ve logged out as admin, it is likely that your servers will hang the next time you try to login. The local DOMAIN\admin profile on each server will not recognize the new SID that you have created. You will have to login under another account with admin privilages, copy old admin profile files and delete the admin profile from your local user list. When you try to login again everything will be fresh and new (and hopefully functional.)

Avoiding this altogether… when you want to change your admin password, don’t be dumb [like me] and select ‘reset password’ in active directory (because this effectively assigns the account a new SID as well.) Go into user properties and set the ‘User must change password at next logon’ check box (This way just the password record is changed.)

If you did happen to lock up the system as I described above, all the shares should remain accessible (until you decide to restart because you have to do something on the system.)

What a day.