The term “crash” gets thrown around a lot when people are talking about something going wrong with their computer.

A crash is when your hard drive (the thing inside your computer that actually holds all your valuable data) physically fails; the parts inside of it actually crashing into each other. A few things people commonly call a crash include:

1. Overheating which leads to “freezing” (I know, they seem like opposites)
2. Corruption of assorted files
3. Virus/Spyware issues

You get the idea… pretty much anything that goes wrong gets blamed on the infamous “crash.” (Contrary to the beliefs of the Three Amigos, infamous does not mean very famous, it means bad, and crashes are indeed bad.)

This is all digression from the topic I was going to write about though, what I really wanted to say is that when computers do random things it is very frustrating.

Also, my knee sort of hurts and I don’t know why.