Everything seems to be obfuscated today… it could be the $1200+ I spent to get my van fixed. I just feel totally out of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have the van back and know there’s a bunch of stuff fixed. It doesn’t feel good pulling money out of savings to do unexpected things, but c’est la vie.

Worked on a few things today at work that were pressing, but spent a few minutes looking at updating the lansingchristianschool.org website on some level or another. I’d like to see it re-designed and trimmed down so that it’s easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and generally a better representation of the school. I might test the layout at lansingchristianschool.net just to see if people like it.

Andy and Erin aren’t coming to LaS tonight, so it will be especially lacking in attendance. Maybe the Eric and Kristie will come out.

UPDATE on 12/14 @ 10:10am >> So, Eric and Kristie came; and so did Erin, Danny and Andy. Success all around… I’m hungry.