I realized the other day that people in movies are remarkably skilled at self analysis. While this feat may be due to the fact that the writers creating each character also give those characters their lines; you could say that we make our decisions for ourselves and decide what to think about and all that mumbo jumbo, effectively rationalizing the parallel. Personally, I don’t think about myself that much. Now, I’m not saying I’m selfless or anything, because I’m not. This is about actually analyzing our actions, desires, motives and all that. I have trained myself pretty well to just ‘do’ and not really think.

You work because you have to work to make money, you take care of your family because that’s just how it is, you appreciate classical music because it makes you feel like you might suddenly decide to hop into your Rolls Royce and talk with a british accent with all your scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking buddies. Alright, so maybe you don’t care about classical music, maybe you take care of your family because you wake up every morning and ponder your love for them and you go to work focused on helping others achieve their goals and one day shaking the hand of Mr. Success. I don’t.

I don’t think about why I’m doing what I’m doing unless some extraordinary event takes place and I’m forced to think again. What are our motives? What is the point? When I start to answer these questions I feel like I’m in Sunday School again and I’m answering so that people can quantify how close I am with God by how much I know to say.

My conclusion is that I know what to say to the questions now without really thinking about it, and maybe that’s what I need to be analyzing.