I have had some revelation about people being stubborn regarding the type of computer they accept for use. It’s all a bunch of crap.

It’s all just about the same, and if you like one more than another then great, but don’t try and tell me that Macs are better because they don’t fail because that’s a lie. And don’t try to say that a Windows box is better because it’s easier to upgrade or is more popular, because Windows boxes have failure points too.

That said, I most definately respect Apple’s marketing and general mass hypnotism. Here’s an appropriate mockery of that advanced marketing.

Lazarus — Combining the mighty power of the Intel processor and iLife ’06, Apple has found a way to bring people back from the dead. Enter the right information into the iFlux Capacitor, click Submit, and your loved one or figure in history will be sent to you via FedEx (no overnight to Alaska or Hawaii). Engraving will be free for the first month.