The New Ad Fad: Contextual Text

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Do you tend to stop at a website and look around for ads, hoping that you’ll find something you can’t live without so you can be aimlessly re-directed? Of course not. Like everyone else you have your reasons to be on the WWW and it has nothing to do with clicking on banner ads or pop-ups.

I am not looking to buy a new car, better laptop, random top-selling novel, or vote for the most recognizable celebrity to win a free iPod. The internet was designed as a medium for information exchange, and like everything else, it has been polluted with advertising non-sense.

The trend is slowly detatching itself from the neon-yellow animated ads that your eyes are frightened by and moving to a more subtle, perhaps better thought out contextual text ad. I would say this is a positive adjustment, except these ads tend to distract from the content of the site.

I catch myself reading through an article or blog only to find that I’ve been suckered into an advertisement for FREE ONLINE MUSIC that is not seperated by formatting from the rest of the entry. You wouldn’t give your boss the oh-so-important report he needs ASAP and tuck an ad for McDonalds into the third paragraph would you? If you did something like that you’d be chastised soundly or in case of repeated offenses, terminated, with nothing left to do but blog for money.

You desperately need that $1 a month your ads generate though, right? Google “blog for money” and you’ll find a wealth of informational resources to aid you in your quest for laziness. Layout, choosing the right ad system, fitting a demographic and many more things are important when placing ads on your site. Find out what will work best and will not send people away from your site crying because their eyes hurt so terribly.