I realize I haven’t posted any personal insights or thoughts in a couple weeks. The truth is I did moblog one thing, but instead of posting it disappeared in the void of cyberspace. So, I guess this is a re-post of sorts.

I’ve been kinda sick for the last week, coughing mostly and sounding like death. Last Wednesday I took work off to work on some stuff at Riv but ended up being hit with the sickness a little harder that day so I didn’t get everything done I wanted to. In conjunction with that things were getting to be fairly last minute on the whole project we were doing so it was scrapped and we’re going to do that particular stage layout during the next series. (Yes, this is all vague, but we do like our secrecy.)

Outside of that, I’m realizing more all the time how marriage is difficult and great at the same time. I heard once that marriage is “God’s workshop,” but that makes me think of Yankee Workshop or This Old House and I really don’t want my relationship with Tara to have anything to do with Norm Abram or Bob Vila.

Hiding things from your spouse would be remarkably difficult, and stupid to boot, and I think growth is fostered by the  inherent honesty. When you spend a lot of time with someone they will see your faults and it’s just natural to want to be fixed when someone is around to point out your failures. This is of course a two-sided coin, having your failures pointed out may produce something other than growth depending on your significant other’s tactfulness when shedding light.

We do ok.