A Golden Paperclip

As I was going through the process of shredding and filing my mail, a National City envelope came up that was obvious shredding material but was too big to fit in the toothy entrance to my mail-eating machine.

I was forced to open this junk mail and shred each page individually, because they also decided to print everything on cardstock for extra annoying-ment. A gold paperclip holding several pages together was what I thought would be my only prize for this sorting venture, but oh was I wrong. A gold paperclip is virtually meaningless compared to the treat I found behind the survey they wanted me to fill out so badly that they made this giant mailing to begin with.

A two dollar bill. Yes, a two dollar bill tucked behind a survey and in front of some sort of advertisement. The only remaining part of this mailing that isn’t in tiny cross-cut pieces besides the golden paperclip is a very crisp two dollar bill.

This makes me wonder just how many two dollar bills have been shredded in the past month by people not willing to sort through the “obvious” junk mail they get.