My NewEgg

I’ve always felt that NewEgg has superior service, fast shipping, and decent prices. I recently (six months ago) had to RMA a product that had arrived non-functional. 19″ LCD monitor, no video display… really nice looking paperweight.

I set up the RMA via phone because you supposedly cannot return monitors to newegg, they say they just don’t do it. I was able to convinve them that a dead monitor was not something I wanted to have to deal with, and that it was truly their responsibility. They accepted this and I sent them my beautiful, albeit dead, monitor. Six emails later I got one that said (I’ll have to paraphrase)

[Sorry, we needed a reference number from the manufacturer to process your item, tough luck, you can have $15 next time you buy something through us.]

Do I even get to have my paperweight back? I don’t get to provide you with this mystery reference number? I only get $15… the monitor cost almost $300!?!

To make a long story short (too late) I called NewEgg on Friday to get things straightened out. It was dealt with in a very professional manner, and the same day I got this:

Dear Nate :

Thank you for shopping at

Previously we sent you an email to alert you that your RMA had successfully arrived to our warehouse. We have since opened the package and are hereby notifying you of the contents we received:

24-197-008 MNTR ENVISION| 19″LCD EN-9410 (Quantity: 1 )

Type of RMA: RMA Refund

Please allow an additional 2-3 business days for your RMA to process.
Due to item availability, some repair RMAs may be delayed and/or changed to refund. This is an automated E-mail for your RMA# – – – – – – .Please do not reply!

Thank you,

Moral of this story, email isn’t something NewEgg really pays attention to, if you need it done and done right call ’em.

Thank you NewEgg, for top-notch phone support.