Because Drew said to… (an entry prompted solely by said individual)

I blocked on the firewall at work.  This may somewhat explain why I haven’t updated quite as much lately.

But seriously folks, work is tough [mentally, relationally, physically… take your pick] plus, I’ve got a wife to take care of with a baby on the way, I have a furniture deadline to meet, twelve cows to milk…  let us just say that I am keeping busy.

Riverview’s ONE service last week at the Wharton was flipping sweet.  We had about three hours to get audio/visual/lighting set up, get the band all tuned up, and then everyone else was let in.  The service itself was sweet and I was reminded that I lose sight of the important things much too often.

As soon as I don’t feel like I just got off a tilt-o-whirl I’ll post again, most definitely.  Double true.