The Joys of Ebay

The following is a record of communication between myself and an Ebay buyer named Tony. As Jeff has brought to our attention in the past, some conversations you should make known to anyone willing to read.

Keep in mind that the item in question is a DVD that the buyer won at $7. Red indicates buyer remarks. Blue indicates my responses.

Item was not in today’s mail and I have had ZERO Communication from you in 5 days from paying you immediatently!?

This is my last attempt at communicating with you.

June 1st – Dispute will be filled with PayPal if I do not hear back from you ASAP.

Sorry but you leave me no choice…Your lack of attention to this sale is causing this matter.

I hope all is well with you but this is not very good business practice and I don’t play the victim.

I paid immediately after I won and expected to either received item by now or at least an eMail in a timely professional manner.

Maybe you should not be selling on eBay if this simple process is too much for you?
Sell, get paid, confirm and deliver…?!

Save yourself a whole lota problems and just refund my money. I am not very pleased with your business ethics and may not be able to comply from here on out…


Last attempt at communicating eh? My respose (which took some time to draft because I wanted to tell the nice fellow he was crazy, but couldn’t bring myself to do it…

Thank you for your honest email letting me know how you feel. I am sorry you are unhappy with our service. Sometimes I am unable to ship an item out within two days. If you would like your money back that is fine. If you would still like me to send your item, I am happy to do so. Please let me know when you have decided.

And Tony then makes me wonder if he might be bipolar and/or schizophrenic…

Hello, Thank You!

All I needed was an eMail/reply that you infact received my PMT and that you would be sending it!

I am not trying to belittle or tell you how to handle your affairs but NOT Communicating with your Buyers isn’t the best Customer Service!

Again, for me it’s not the shipping date – it’s the lack of communication. I would do no less for you!

I am a seller too and move 200 CD/DVD’s every month, that’s good for me – but I don’t like things hanging around too long, if you know what I mean?

I love you website and how you made it so simple yet so informative and to the point of your product…!

Hey…I’m not your enemy…you are…LOL!!!

I’m a Buyer too and I don’t just buy from anyone! I look at the overall picture. And yours was more than acceptable and so I bid!

But after 5 days…who wouldn’t worry! Nothing worse than getting ripped off, doesn’t matter how much it cost!

So please send it!

Have a Safe and Fun Holiday Weekend,


Then another communique a short while later…

One last question…did you or did you not send the item yet? If not – then refund ASAP…
Filing dispute tomorrow morning if no reply is made by this evening… I’m done…!

Yeah, I check my ebay message center every couple hours, so I should have no problem responding immediately. (That’s sarcasm) My response as the little vein in my head quivers and throbs…

Your new MOTIONPIX DVD was put in the mail yesterday, I apologize for not sending you an email to notify you of this event earlier.

Having to deal with it this way makes me feel like such a pansy. I want to very cordially tell this guy off but I can’t bring myself to do it.
Tony then decided that he should file a complaint through PayPal…

I have tried to communicate but Seller is not honest and lied twice and I took him at his word both times and now says he mailed it again. Can not believe or trust him… I want a complete refund. I am not willing to deal with this DEAD BEAT SELLER anymore. There is a problem but he chooses to lie instead of being honest. Not my problem. I will always work with honest people but not with liars… Thanks Again for your Amazing Support and Great Customer Service, I only wish I didn’t have to ask for your help all the time but my resourses are very limited and you are the Best when it comes to putting these bad eBayers/people in there place, THANKS!!! Tony

So, I checked Paypal’s “recommended” list of ways to deal with a situation of this nature and came up with this:

I take my resposibility as a seller seriously. Buyer’s dispute is not valid. Item was shipped as described to buyer.

And that is where it now stands. More to come, I’m sure, when Tony gets the package and compliments my prompt delivery or somesuch nonsense.

UPDATE (same day, a few hours later):

Tony makes his real feelings known…

I only wish you understood the importance of Communication and Customer Service. Because if you took your responsibilities seriously – why did you leave me hanging for 10 days and tell me it was on the way 5 days into it? My claim is valid because you lied to me… You only replied when Dispute was mentioned! Unacceptable for a serious minded business person. Maybe you just haven’t been ripped off enough yourself as a Buyer? A more experienced responsible eBayer would realize – you don’t keep Buyers hanging… Great Product by the way but very poor Customer Service…because here we are and it’s your fault not mine…I’d never leave a Customer hanging, even when I had my second Cancer operation this past September. So I just can’t sympathize if you just can’t write an eMail or lie when you do!? -1+1=0 …So there it is… What else is there to say?! Good Luck!

So… I guess this guy knows how to write but not how to read, or something.  If you see the point at which I start lying leave a comment pointing it out because I missed that part somehow.  I haven’t decided yet if I should respond.