In general I don’t have too much of a problem keeping up with issues at work. When we get to this point in the year though, things start to get pretty crazy. This year in addition to the usual school starting sorts of tasks like adding student users to the system and making sure computers are setup for new staff, we’re implementing a new student database for grading, attendance, lunch etc. They’ve also just set in place four ‘modular classrooms’ about 200 feet from the building. We had fiber optic cable run to one of the closets and I’m going to be working on getting network and phone wiring done. I look at my ‘to do’ list and I want to just take a nap. I was given permission to hire a temp, which has worked out GREAT, and he has relieved a lot of pressure just by being able to deal with stuff that comes up during the day that isn’t already on the list.

It’s really awesome to work where I do because I keep learning lots of new things and I’ve been able to implement new standards that make a lot of sense. It gets busy though and while I’m usually pretty calm under pressure, if I’ve been abnormally short with you anytime in the last few weeks I apologize.

I want to write lots of great things about the New York trip and generally inform ya’ll of the other things going on in my life but right now I can’t get work off the brain so it’ll have to wait.

Have a great day.