You can’t teach an old technology new tricks… right?

Ok, I’ve been researching this a bit and so far haven’t found an answer…

1. Say you have a regular analog phone line (POTS) just waiting for something to be plugged into it.

2. Lets also say that you have a wireless network in your home or office (b/g/a/n or whatever)

3. You have a wifi enabled PDA/Cellphone/VOIP phone.

Is it possible to use a wifi device with your analog service?

This seems like a perfectly reasonable request to make. As wifi becomes more popular it is evident that more people will start using VOIP services to send and receive calls wirelessly. If you work in a large building (that doesn’t have a LAN VOIP service) and aren’t always in your office but have to use their phone system, why shouldn’t you be able to use your wifi device anywhere in (or out of) the building that has wireless coverage to make a phone call? Why hasn’t anybody made this yet?

I know, I know, yet another ridiculously tech-geeky post… it’s just what I do.