Noel asked me to set up a video feed to the lobby ar Riverview.

We started by getting a projector hung in the lobby directed just above the fireplace. The idea is that this will allow overflow into the lobby, give the RivKids an idea of where things are at in the service, and announcements can run out there between services. The bonus has been that we can easily record that feed and the band or elder doing the message that week can look back on it and see how it went from a different perspective.

So, we have the projector in the lobby and a DVD-R connected to the output of a video mixer (Videonics MX-1) which has four inputs: computer, remote camera (a Canon VC-C4), a stationary camera (some piece of junk from the early nineties), and Kite brought over his sweet Panasonic 3CCD kick-your-behind camera.

Now, assuming you too can borrow Kite’s camera rather than buying one of your own (not likely) this project would be quite affordable.

A decent projector: around $800
Canon VC-C4 on ebay: $300ish
Videonics MX-1 on ebay: $350ish
Stationary camera that you pulled out of a dumpster: $melly clothes
DVD-R that noel got a ridiculously good deal on: $100

I’d say that’s not too bad for a two/three camera feed plus powerpoint/video output to a recording.

Suggestions anyone?