Our friend Nif threw Tara a baby shower Saturday. It was cool, I wasn’t there but I’m taking other people’s word for it. They brought back a lot of stuff (diapers, wipes, carseat, bottles, etc) so we had to start getting the room ready. The futon went over to Brad and Liz’s for a while because there’s just not enough room here, which is fine, I have no emotional attachment to the futon. I did find out that we need to get into the attic and start throwing some of the junk away. Seriously, we’ve only been collecting stuff for a few years, how did we get so much junk?

Regardless, here’s a pic of the current state of Leah’s room:
Leah's Room

I know, it’s awesome. Everything’s packed into one corner because that’s obviously the best way to setup any room.

We put some shelves in the closet/stairway so that we would have a place for the little clothes, diapers, etc we’ve been getting. It seems to be working out well so far but there are still two more showers.

I’m looking forward to moving next spring.