Election Results

Election day has come and gone, popular vote has allowed all the important issues and new/returning incumbents to be decided.

I wonder now who really “won.” Is it the mourning doves? Property owners? Those who oppose taxation to fund our local zoo? While they have attained temporary victory, the real winners are not the subjects of this election, it is the deciders and even those who withheld their vote. It is true, you don’t have to vote to win. Actually, you were a winner before this whole process started as long as you don’t watch TV.

For those of us who watch television enough to see any commercials whatsoever as the election nears, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain your desire to vote for any of the candidates at all. The negativity, ‘mudslinging’, deception and everything else wear on the voting public, and ultimately hurt both major candidates. Personally, I don’t believe any political candidates should bother with television advertisements. The general populous sees the bad things you say about your competition and recognizes that you’re full of ‘it’ as well (read “it” as: “the same corruption or poor practices or whatever else”).

If there was a candidate running right now who came on TV and simply encouraged the populous to vote, and gave a quick explanation of why it’s so important (without a tirade about how bad the other options are), I’m pretty sure I would vote for that person because I’d know that they have the people’s interests in mind.

Do you disagree?