The Next Fix

I probably drink too much coffee. That is to say, I do not drink coffee in moderation. Eight to ten cups (four or five mugs) of coffee in a day would not be an unusual amount for me to drink. I do not take cream or sugar. I should note that by “coffee” I do not mean “cappuccino,” “frappuccino,” or “latte.” I do rarely drink alternative (Read: fru-fru) coffee-like drinks like lattes. I will sometimes allow myself to substitute tea in place of coffee.

The biggest problem with coffee house sorts of lattes and cappuccinos and such is the expense. I cannot justify four or five dollars for a single beverage except on rare occasion. If there were a good coffee joint that people I knew worked, around where I live or work, I am afraid I would blow a lot of money there.

I have read up a bit on caffeine; enough to know that its effects are very much like cocaine, sort of a cocaine-lite. It may be the intrinsic danger that keeps me drinking, the risk of overdose that keeps it exciting. Probably not.