Leah and Tara: The Story of Last Week

Last week was a challenge, to say the least. It started with Leah slowly developing a temperature and sleeping much more than usual. By 11pm on Monday it was serious enough (over 100ºF) for her to need to be taken to the hospital. At 4am (Tuesday) they had done enough tests to determine that she had a bladder infection and admitted us into pediatrics. I went into work Tuesday for half a day while Tara and Leah were at the hospital. I returned that evening and we were moved to a new room in the oncology area (due to a staffing issue possibly?). It was tiny; think prison cell with an attached bathroom. It was a challenge to get Leah sleeping without being able to walk more than eight feet in any direction. The next day (Wednesday) things continued, I went to work for half a day and came back that evening.

About a month ago Tara went into the hospital with an infection. They lanced the abscess and removed the infected tissue, pumped lots of antibiotics and we were on our way (after five visits.)

Wednesday night of last week, a while after I had returned from work Tara had to go down to Emergency because another of these infections had developed. They lanced it, sent the tissue to be cultured and found it was MRSA (an antibiotic resistant staph infection.) So, more than likely Tara had contracted the infection when Leah was born. When Tara returned from ER (around 2am Thursday) we were moved from oncology back across the hall to the less infection-sensitive pediatric area.

Thursday I stayed at the hospital with Leah and Tara. Tara was feeling more pain at that point because (as we found out later) not all of the infected tissue had been removed. Tara headed back to the ER that evening and was treated again (during this time Leah was discharged, but not kicked out and Tara’s mom was kind enough to stay and take care of Leah.) Two hours later serious nausea and a splitting headache landed Tara back down in the ER (Leah and Tara’s mom went home). She was given something for the nausea and they ran an IV drip to replenish her fluids. We were discharged some time later and headed home.

Friday was much less eventful.