Selling our house went very quickly and now a bid that we put on a house across the street was accepted. We will either be closing quickly enough on the new house to move before our closing for the current house or we’ll be moving elsewhere in the interim. Here’s a picture of the new house from the porch of our current house…

New Place

I know, it seems crazy to move to another place that is so flipping close.

We had pretty much finished whatever real improvements we could do on our current house, so we decided to sell. As we went through the process of selling, we started looking for another place we could buy that could be fixed up. We looked at more than a dozen different houses of varying size, location and price. They were all what Realtor types would probably call “Handyman Specials.” We looked at the place pictured above a little over a week ago, it is in good enough condition that we felt confident in being able to do most of the work ourselves and we liked the layout.

Our plan is to stay for a year or two and then move on to another place. We’re really just trying to keep our broker as busy as possible. More updates about how things work out, our renovations and all that coming up soon.