“Evidence/Encounter” Set Building Progression…

My previous post, while being vague and incomplete, was at least short in comparison to this one.

The following is our building progression in photo format with brief statements about each photo. Sorry about the poor quality of these photos, they just haven’t quite gotten phone technology advanced far enough to take a decent picture.

Usually it isn’t necessary to clear the stage to put up a new set, but understanding that this would be a more involved setup, it was deemed necessary.

Drew putting up some supports…

Some of the fabric hung, one of the pieces for the bottom of the enclosure in place.

Bottom of the enclosure complete, top partially constructed, some lights up, Kristie is also testing projection.

One side of lights done, starting support for center screen.

Fabric up on the right side, center screen partially screwed in place.

Lights done, left hand fabric in place.

With the help of Danny and Drew, all three pieces of center screen in place, Drew is filling in screw-holes and joints.

Sanding and painting done on center screen, risers (made with help from Eric and Brett) set in place on the right.

Now with everything in place, Steve talking about Easter stuff.

Dan and fourteen other people making sweet, sweet music.