Time Is Marching On

It has only been a week since we closed on our house, but we’ve gotten a lot done. Monday, Matt helped us move our stuff from the old house into the new. Tuesday we got utilities turned on and I started working on plumbing. Wednesday and Thursday we scraped and sanded walls, I gave up on soldering the copper downstairs and put in a compression valve. On Friday a bunch of very helpful students came and tore up carpet, primed a couple rooms, tore out a wall and pulled out staples for hours. Over the weekend we got a lot of painting done and put in a new side door.

It sounds like we have gotten a lot done but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Tara’s folks have been putting in a lot of time helping with any aspect they can which has been VERY helpful. Various people have been watching Leah for us and advising as we make decisions on what things must be fixed. Our friend Mr. Palmer just fixed a couple sizable holes in our roof and has been very helpful throughout the house selling/buying process. It has really been so amazing to have everyones help.

Still so much to do. Call me up, send me an email or leave a comment here if you can help and wouldn’t mind food and drink as payment.