I love it when a plan comes together…

Dell Optiplex 320n Boxes

Name the show that the title’s phrase references and you get 5 points. Name the character that says it, and you get another 12 points.

UPDATE: I read this afternoon in the LSJ that DeWitt just spent $500,000 on 600 new computers for their district. Seriously, half a million dollars? I’ll save you the time spent grabbing a calculator: the breakdown is $833.33 each. Some of the machines they are replacing are as much as eight years old. Why is DeWitt spending so much money in one year to get 600 machines instead of buying as many machines incrementally, providing a cycle that does not allow any machine in the building to be say, more than six years old?


“…the district had to cut staff, programs and services in order to come up with money for new computers.”

What could haggling with Dell do for the situation? Potentially land as much as 40% more computers for the same money. Or why not spend significantly less and be able to provide the same staff, programs and services to your students. I hope there are circumstances I am not aware of that dictated these decisions.