In nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus Sancti

I’ve been at Riv a couple times this week and snapped this shot of the current construction progress:

riverview building progress 071025

It will be nice to not have five services every weekend.

And it’s that time again… we’ve been working on the upcoming set at Riv (the PostSecret series):

riverview set postsecret prep1

Teresa has been working like crazy on this set, it has been awesome to have the extra help. Drew stopped by today for a couple hours and worked on the ‘tree’ cutout in the foreground of the pic. Kristie is putting together some superb projection stuff.

It’s been a more involved setup and is therefore more of a time hog, but Tara has been very forgiving. And on the topic of family, here’s a shot of Leah dressed up as a fuzzy pumpkin:


So, that’s it. You’ve been updated thoroughly.