Riverview Set – PostSecret

This is quite possibly the most time consuming set we have ever undertaken…

Riverview Set - PostSecret

What we did: Before we had even finished the Plus Nothing series, we started the build process for this set. We bought a couple sheets of 1/8-inch hardboard (like pegboard but without the holes) Riverview Set - PostSecret - Treeand cut a couple of them down to 8-foot x 3-inch strips and painted them. The Monday before the series started we took down the old set and put up most of the grid lines (using finishing nails to attach.)

We started on the upside-down tree by projecting the design and tracing the edges. Using jigsaws we (mostly Teresa) cut out all the tangly bits. After 10-12 hours of cutting out tangly bits we were ready to paint. The tree is hung using 16-inch hex cap bolts that run into the ceiling and are supported by a big 2×12 which spans across a couple rafters. The trunk is made of a 3/4x96x16 wood panel and the tangly stuff is 3/16-inch hardboard.

Of course, it wouldn’t really look like much without the projection. Using a projector at the back of the auditorium, a keynote presentation with a different assembly of video/picture for each song, the announcements and the message fills in the details. The ceiling mounted projector fills into a single section of the grid and has a bit of splash-over into the section below it.

Riverview Set - PostSecret - Stage Left Shot