Riverview Set – Tipping Jesus (and Easter)

The ‘Wreck’ set came down last Sunday afternoon and this one started going up the next day:

Riv Set - Easter - Tipping Jesus 1

What We Did: After much deliberation about the material we should use to build the giant tipping cross we ended up with 2 inch right angle steel for the primary structure and 3/4 inch right angle steel (like that found at the edges of a drop-ceiling) for the bracing. There are RGB lights mounted to the floor, walls and ceiling that light the interior of the cross. There was much grace from above in the building of this thing, the angles never seemed right but the outcome was exactly what we had imagined.

The mirror prop was an oddly difficult build. The ‘mirror’ is actually an exterior commercial window with two panes of glass joined (it is HEAVY). The frame is 2x4s that were notched out to hold the glass and legs attached appropriately so that the thing wouldn’t fall over. There are two fluorescent lights mounted to the back of the frame that were attached to a dimmer unit so that they could be controlled from our lighting console.

Riv Set - Easter - Tipping Jesus 2

Ken (pictured above with long blonde curly hair) and Rick (the Bassist wearing the black shirt and a tie) helped a TON with the cross build Monday through Wednesday. This set would have been impossible without their help. Andy actually did most of the work on the mirror prop, again, I’d have been in big trouble without his aide.

Riv Set - Easter - Tipping Jesus 3

Kristie, as always, did some excellent work with projection. The back wall projection during music segments is abstract video stuff. The primary projection for text was a great feel against the rest of the projection.