No Other Gods

No Other Gods, a series at Riverview June, 2011.

No Other Gods - 1

The detail on the left for this set is a structure with 1×4 lumber verticals and ripped 3/4in plywood horizontals ripped into 2in strips. Coarse thread screws into the back of the structure hold the plywood on and finishing nails attach the three assembled sections to the wall.

No Other Gods - 2

The horizontals were carefully placed to be level and to, at the same time, attain a level of randomness in horizontal placement. Before anything was assembled, the front sections of the plywood was painted reddish-brown and all other surfaces were painted gray.

Red Letter Ending

Red Letter Ending, a series at Riverview April, 2011.

Red Letter Ending - 1

This is the set for our Easter series in 2011. The structure against the wall is an assembled product from MIO called the Nomad System.

Red Letter Ending - 2

The Two smaller crosses on the floor are built with a combination of steel framing track and wood 2×4. The larger cross at an angle from floor to ceiling has a box truss vertical structure and a wood/steel horizontal structure. All three crosses are covered with white fabric which is stapled on the back side.

Red Letter Ending - 3

The Joy Paradox

The Joy Paradox, a series at Riverview March, 2011.

201103 - The Joy Paradox

Our Creative Director, Kristie, designed a custom image for the background projection, we did not do a physical build. I must note, as I have previously, that she creates the projection which integrates with the sets for each series that we do.

The Main Thing

The Main Thing, a series at Riverview February, 2011.

The Main Thing - 1

Playing on the series title “The Main Thing” we decided to build a theater marquee. The prop is a 15ft x 10ft construction using steel stud framing with a recessed channel of 1/2in MDF and the primary screen area is hardboard. The top detail is 1/2in MDF with white duct tape for the lines.

The Main Thing - 2

The lights in the outside recessed channel are screwed into basic lamp sockets which are pushed through drilled holes in the MDF. The lights are wired as four circuits and run to a DMX Dimmer so we could do a chase and generally control intensity. Power and control cables are run alongside the support cable to reach the outlets in the truss.

The Main Thing - 3

He Gave; We Give

He Gave; We Give, a series at Riverview December, 2010.

He Gave We Give

We have been using the same two large Christmas trees for several years and usually their location and decoration are symmetrical. For this set, one tree is covered in lights, ornaments, garland and surrounded by an extraordinary quantity of gifts while the other tree is sparsely decorated and has a few meager packages under its branches.