Riverview Set – Wreck

Yes, we have already ripped out the old series and built up the new. I had a TON of help on this one, which is good because not only was I sick most of the week, the wife and kid were even more sick than I was.


What we did: There were about shfifteen-teen design revisions on this set, fortunately we decided on the final design before build started. The lumber you see on the wall in the above picture is just some of the support for the final product. The basic construction involved attaching bits and pieces of cut up underlayment, beadbaord, hardboard, pegboard, particle board and plywood to the supporting two-by-Xs. The weird white lines and gray areas are just a rough projection so we would know where to put the supports.



Very special thanks to Rick, Mark, Andy, Ken, Eric and Eric who all had their hands on this set, their work was absolutely phenomenal.